Thursday, April 21, 2005

City Weekly Letters to the Editters

Since I'm on a roll with this, here's a wrap up of the City Weekly letters. SLC Pepper mural: worst public art project ever. Keep up the good work City Weekly. Bring our troops home. I left Utah because of the Republicans. Democratic party needs a makeover, Republicans don't because they have Karl Rove. City Weekly uses poor grammar. Rebecca Vernon is a good music critic. Tom Tomorrow's cartoon is uninformed stereotype of Florida. Joining the military could result in being killed. Would Jesus build a shopping mall? Jeb Bush sent agents to sieze Terry Schiavo but local police threatened a shootout so Jeb backed down- it was all congress' fault. Consumption tax is answer to tax politics and unfairness.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


If you're conservative, you're dancing in the streets.

If you're liberal, you're finding/creating the next most hateful bumper sticker.

4/21/2005 09:15:00 PM  
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