Monday, March 07, 2005

LaVarr V. John

John Yewell accused LaVarr Webb of personally attacking him in his daily update. The reality is, Mr. Yewell is the only one taking this personally. Here's the deal. LaVarr Webb was basically correct about John Yewell's online column. It was dripping with condescension, generalizations, and overall it was not a good piece of journalism. I should say that I don't know if Mr. Yewell considers what he wrote journalism, or just writing. I, for example, don't consider slcspin to be journalism. It's just writing. Anyway, I will back up Mr. Yewell on one point of his column. He talked about the legislature's reaction to ethics reform in the same terms I did a while back in the post "Trust me, I'm a Senator". Hey John, toughen up.


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