Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A Healthy Diet of News and Blogs

Blogs are becoming an increasingly important part of a healthy and balanced news diet. Here are two examples. Charley Foster's legal background adds an interesting element to the blog State of the Beehive. This blog regularly posts snippets of actual legal code pertinent to current events. Charley also includes links to source material relevent to issues being discussed in the news. Recently, State of the Beehive spent time covering legal questions in the world of polygamy. When it comes to legislative news, why not get your information from the source. State Representative and House Majority Whip Steve Urquhart runs a blog in which he talks candidly about politics and the legislature. Today, the value of his site is particularly clear considering the media coverage of the fallout to SB227. Go to Rep. Urquhart's blog to read about 227 from an actual lawmaker who participated in the debate. Whatever your opinions, you would be well served to visit these blogs in addition to your normal media intake.


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