Tuesday, March 22, 2005

For Hire: Progressive Mayor Seeks Bigger Stage

According to Heather May at the Tribune: "[Spokesperson Deeda]Seed said [SLC Mayor]Anderson is 'stepping into a leadership vacuum' left by President Bush." Wow. Of all the criticism Mayor Anderson has faced, he has never once been accused of having a poor self- image. Heather May's story sheds some new light on the still mysterious topic of Mayor Anderson's plans for the future. Perhaps he is travelling the world setting himself up for a new job in the international environmental game. That would explain the lack of energy surrounding a potential Rocky III. Maybe he's moving on.


Blogger Logan said...

I can only hope that he is moving on. I wish him the best with his public political career. One less nut in Utah.

3/22/2005 02:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a stark difference between calling yourself a leader, thinking of yourself as a leader, and being a leader. Bush is not a leader. However, he occupies space at the top of the executive branch of the government- a place usually reserved for leaders. Thus there is a leadership vacuum.

3/22/2005 02:56:00 PM  
Blogger Logan said...

I must disagree. A leader by definition is one who is in charge or command of others. One who guides.

Bush is a great leader because he stands firmly by his position. He does what he says and says what he does. Although I may not agree with all of his policies or ideas. I am willing to say that history will remember quite fondly Gearge Bush.

A leadership vacuum exists in Utah becaus our Mayor is gone for personal gain in a cause that is nothing to worry about. Global warming is not an issue. It has been proven BILLIONS of times over.

3/23/2005 09:47:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Disagree all you want logan. It won't make you right. Ask the servicemen, the ones sent to die for Bush's oil buddies, whether they consider him a leader. I know many in our very own Utah National Gaurd that despise the man- who only follow him into battle because the alternative is prison.
One who guides? What has old King George guided? The moral right-no they guide him. They bought him so thoroughly that he was just forced to backtrack on all the wonderfull tenets of 'compassionate conservatism' to interfere in the life of a vegetable. Because life is sacred. oh yeah, and he executed 131 people in 4 years as texas governor.
Says what he does? Like finding the WMD's he lied to us about? Or is he a great leader because he got 51% of you to beleive that that lie was necessary and reelect him anyway.
Or how bout the gay prostitute he planted in the white house press corp?
Or eroding our personal freedoms and liberties (well, except Mike Schiavo's) so that the 'terrists' don't win.
Hey incidentally Logan, how often has Bush visited Utah in the last 8 years? The state that gave him his greatest margin of victory and he can't even be troubled by it? Maybe that's where the leadership vacuum originates- from the fact that the president that all these Utahns so blindly support doesn't give a flying sh!t about them.
Globally, the leadership vacuum exist because Chimpy McFlightsuit like's to pretend 'forners' don't exist, and even if they did, who needs em.
How bout your great leader's track record on domestic policies. Just today we find out the Bush's EPA squashed the research they funded through Harvard because they didn't like the findings. As for global warming... You're absolutely right. It has been proven over and over again- to EXIST. But don't let that trouble you. We'll be dead before calamity arrives. Just don't get to attached to your grandkids.
Logan mark my words- History will make Nixon the crook, Jackson the Genocidal maniac, and Clinton the adulterer look like saints next to this man.

3/23/2005 12:05:00 PM  
Blogger Logan said...

I can see where this is going. An emotionally run response to anything conservative. That is OK. The majority spoke and Bush will continue to do his good work for the next four years. He will continue with the Conservative majority in the House and Senate that seemed to grow during this last election. God bless him and America.

When my parents were growing up there was a large movement screaming that another ice age was coming. It never came. There is no substantial proof that the ice caps are melting at too excessive of a rate. In fact some are even beginning to expand again.

Thank you for your time. I know you will respond with some accusation or another. While you are at it here are some facts about me. Mormon, anti-abortion, very conservative, pro-America, anti-terrorism, anti illegal immigration, pro marriage between man and woman, pro war.

I hope you have fun with that Mr. Anonymous. God bless you and yours.

3/23/2005 03:23:00 PM  
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