Saturday, February 19, 2005

You Can't Have It Both Ways

Today's Tribune editorial makes some great points about the ethics reform the legislature is so wary of. Basically, the Tribune says the legislature contradicts itself. By passing term limits for the governor, they say voters are not smart enough to know when a governor has stayed too long in office. Then, by refusing ethics reform for themselves, they insist voters are smart enough to know when a legislator has become damagingly close to lobbyists and then vote him out of office. Problem: Legislators expect voters to judge their relationships with lobbyists, but without full disclosure of gifts, the voters have no information with which to pass judgement. "I would hope the people who elected me trust me. If I abuse that trust, I would hope that they would throw me out on my ear." Sen. Bill Hickman, R-St. George "I see nothing wrong with [accepting lobbyist gifts] and would encourage others to participate." Rep. Brent Goodfellow, D-West Valley City Both of the above quotes appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune.


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