Monday, February 07, 2005

Utah is Not a Former Soviet Republic

Senate Joint Resolution 11 will give voters the opportunity to decide whether Utah Governors will be limited to two terms. It's an interesting idea but the arguments for it are getting a bit weird. Governor Huntsman's legal advisor Mike Lee "noted" in today's Tribune that in support of this resolution, we should consider political abuses in former Soviet republics as they constantly re- elect candidates. First, it should be known that corruption in the former republics is not caused by the absence of term limits. Rather, the non- prosecution of corruption, weak checks and balances, and an underdeveloped free press leads to corrupt candidates being easily re- elected. Also, those republics are barely 13 years old. That is two U.S. Senate terms. We have elected officials in the U.S. who have more time accumulated taking mid-day naps in their offices than those countries even have as independent democracies. And finally, Utah is not a former Soviet republic.


Blogger sage said...

It was fun to read up on Utah politics. After a decade sojourner in Zion, I'm in the more sane world of the mid-west. At times, I miss the laughs and the "I can believe they're doing or saying that" comments that came from watching the Utah legistature in action. Thanks for keeping me informed.

2/08/2005 12:11:00 PM  

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