Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Two Too Many

Rebecca Walsh in today's Tribune followed up on a story first broken by the Deseret News. It seems the son of Rep. Kory Holdaway, R- Taylorsville, was arrested by the Granite School District Police. The youth allegedly threatened the officers that they would regret arresting him. This legislative session, Rep. Holdaway sponsored HB153 that will abolish the school district's police force. To his credit, once the story broke, Rep. Holdaway removed his name from the bill. Not a big deal unless you consider... Today on utahpolitics.org, Kevin Anderson wrote of an unrelated but very similar story. Today's Tribune reported that the Joint Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee voted to trim the Department of Natural Resources budget at the expense of ten law enforcement officers. All this sounds like standard boring legislative stuff until you see what Kevin saw. The brother of Sen. Thomas Hatch, R-Panguitch, was arrested and charged with poaching, according to the Tribune. Senator Hatch himself was briefly a suspect in the unfortunate and contentious situation. Senator Hatch is also the co- chair of the subcommittee responsible for cutting the DNR budget. DNR Director Michael Styler had this to say in the Tribune: "We have sportsmen complain that we don't have enough law enforcement officers out looking for poachers; now there will be four less." Both men would insist their political moves are unrelated to their personal lives. In this situation, I frankly believe them. However, publicly elected officials need to remember that the voters can never read their minds and know their true intent. True intent is understood by the public only through actions. Rep. Holdaway and Sen. Hatch should never have involved themselves in those legislative actions. Senator Hatch should follow the example of Rep. Holdaway and recuse himself from the committee.


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