Friday, February 04, 2005

Terrorists Among Us!

"This is financial terrorism against America, they are using environmental issues to make a direct attack against our country's financial stability." That is a quote from Rep. David N. Cox, R-Lehi as reported in today's Tribune. Rep. Cox, any potential lawsuit (it should be remembered that the Sierra Club has not filed one) is not financial terrorism. Action taken in a court of law is the excercising of basic rights, not terrorism. And how has the fight over the (crappily named) Legacy Highway suddenly become a issue central to "our country's financial stability"? With that said, being against the (crappily named) Legacy Highway myself, I believe fighting the highway on environmental grounds was a fatal mistake. There is no group of people this state distrusts more than environmentalists. The all- star team of Rocky Anderson and the Sierra Club spells disaster for any issue being considered outside Salt Lake City. The (crappily named) Legacy Highway poses a risk to our quality of life and sets an incorrect direction for future planning. As I have said before, I believe mass transit should be built first. Unfortunately, I believe the (crappily named) Legacy Highway will be built, thanks largely to its opposition.


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