Friday, February 04, 2005


Today's Tribune: "Huntsman, lawmakers rocking boat" Today's News: "Curtis may back off on bill that disturbs Huntsman" Two articles, one topic, very different content. According to the Deseret News, House Speaker Greg Curtis and Governor Huntsman may have come to an understanding on HB97, the bill that would extend the previous years budget into the present in the event of a legislative/executive budget stalemate. Now, Speaker Curtis is having regrets about the way the bill was handled and may put it off until another time. Where was the Tribune on this? The Tribune does make one important point: The Republican super- majority lets them override the Governor's vetos. If this is true, why does the legislature feel they need HB97? I guess the super- majority doesn't always coalesce into an override vote. Anyway, if Speaker Curtis is willing to postpone the bill, he should drop it all together. Although HB97 is not a total power- grab, it does represent a change in the balance of power. There is no clear, compelling reason for doing this, so it should not be done.


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