Thursday, February 03, 2005


The Salt Lake County Republican Party Executive Committee passed a resolution to remove Mike Ridgeway from his state party position. Mike Ridgeway had already been removed from his county party position. If you remember, Mike Ridgeway was critical of the way the his party handled the County Mayor's election. Ridgeway was right, the Republicans lost big and for his trouble, Ridgeway was given the boot. To be fair, Ridgeway has made plenty of enemies over the years thanks to his nutty intransigence. Anyway, Chairperson Tiani Coleman correctly called the resolution out of order. Now it's Ms. Coleman who is in trouble with the Executive Committee. She's been called before the Executive Committee to: "Discuss the chair's defiance of a directive from the executive committee, explore course of action available to committee, and possibly adopt one or more motions of a consequence of the discussion."Reported in the Deseret News. I believe the best thing the Salt Lake GOP can do is drop the whole thing and move on. This is fallout from the stressfull and embarrassing Mayor's race and they should just put it behind them. The County GOP will find no answers in sacking Ridgeway and picking on Ms. Coleman.


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