Monday, February 14, 2005

Lobby Talk

Quotes from today's Tribune. All of these are from a story on lobbyist gifts. "I'm just a poor coal miner who gets tired of eating at McDonald's." Senate Minority Leader Mike Dmitrich, D-Price "I see nothing wrong with [accepting lobbyist gifts] and would encourage others to participate." Rep. Brent Goodfellow, D-West Valley City "We are guided by our conscience and no amount of money is going to buy anyone's vote." Senate Majority Leader Peter Knudson, R-Brigham City Aside from being horrified by these comments, I see the Republicans might not be Rep. Beckers scapegoate this time. He's the House Minority leader, it's his job to keep the House Democrats in line. A couple of years ago, the Democrats were dissatisfied with Rep. Beckers leadership and replaced him. Now he's back, but if he doesn't step up, he won't be for long.


Blogger Reach Upward said...

Interesting how those involved in the schmoozing are blind to any problems associated with it. Ethics reform will only happen when citizens think it's highly important -- which means we probably won't see any real reform until some extremely egregious scandal bursts open.

2/15/2005 09:29:00 AM  
Anonymous Brian said...

1- Ralph Becker was replaced for one term as House Democratic leader because the balance between west side/labor/cowboy caucus dems and east side/cultural/urbanite dems shifted when redistricting went through. Nobody was dissatisfied with his leadership. He lost his role by one vote in 2003.

2- Ralph is back in leadership not beacuse he is being given another chance, but beacause rural Rep. Eli Anderson (D-Tremonton) lost (a great tragedy to our state) and Rep. Tim Cosgrove (D-East Side) won a new seat. The delicate balance tipped one seat the east side direction.

3- Brent Goodfellow is the leader of the other faction and was minority leader when Becker was replaced. Becker isn't going to be able to "keep [him] in line" ever.

4- Ralph is challenging Sen. McCoy in a primary in 2006 and isn't interested in keeping his job.

5- Lobbyist gifts are tantamount to bribery and Democrats will never bear the mantle of reform while flopping about in the entrenched Republican cesspool of graft. The only reasonable policy for the Dems is to stand unanimously for refusing all lobbyist gifts. And to publicise that stand when elections come around.

2/15/2005 02:51:00 PM  

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