Thursday, February 03, 2005

City Weekly Fact Checker

Ben Fulton needs better sources. In the City Weekly, he quotes Bush at a "Republican fund- raiser" as depicted by "Fahrenheit 9/11". Problem: Fulton only assumed it was a Republican fund- raiser. It in fact was not. That was a scene from the Al Smith Dinner. It is held before the presidential election and is attended by BOTH candidates. While a formal setting, the Al Smith Dinner is actually famous for its humor. It is something like a political roast. Here is a CBS story about the dinner the year Fulton has referenced. If you'd like to read the speeches, they are both very funny, you can find them here. I"m sorry it is the Free Republic I've linked to, but they were the most available transcripts. Journalism is serious business. Movies are not very good sources.