Monday, January 31, 2005

Senator Mayne: Lean, Mean, Tax Cutting Machine

An interesting article in the Tribune today talks about Republicans raising Taxes in the Republican dominated Utah Legislature. While the article made good points, there was one thing that bothered me. Prominently displayed near the top of the article was this silly quote: "It's amazing how that worm has turned in such a conservative state," said Sen. Ed Mayne, D-West Valley City. "The Democrats are trying to cut taxes and make them more fair, and the Republicans are raising them." Further down the article, writer Rebecca Walsh references the Utah Taxpayer Associated when she includes the statement: "Republican lawmakers are more likely to argue for tax cuts than are Democrats." So what was Senator Mayne trying to do by insisting (against available evidence) that the Legislative Democrats are the tax cutters? Senator Mayne's statement was not reflective of policy goals or even reality, just an opportunity to trash Republicans. Senator Mayne understands full well that the all tax cuts and increases must always be handled by the Republicans because of their 3 to 1 advantage over the Democrats. I know Legislative Democrats are in a difficult situation, but Senator Mayne should try to speak a little more truthfully.


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