Saturday, January 29, 2005

Let us pick up the check. It's no problem. Really, we'd love to.

The House Republican Caucus voted in mid-December to add $85 million in annual funds to the transportation budget. It reaffirmed the proposal last week, identifying highway construction as the top priority for new spending. Salt Lake Tribune- Jan. 29, 2005
Why is the top priority new highway construction and not desperately needed mass transit? This is why:
House Majority Leader Jeff Alexander, R-Provo, said House Republicans have good reasons why they want to put $85 million of ongoing, general fund tax revenue into roads and they weren't going to be easily turned around. The money wouldn't go to the state's Centennial Highway Fund, which was used to rebuild I-15 in Salt Lake County and still has hundreds of millions of dollars of work still to be completed. Instead, the new cash would go for road construction beyond those commitments. A number of the projects are in Utah County, which is seeing freeway gridlock at rush hour. Deseret News- Jan. 29, 2005
Now that Utah County has taken center stage at the legislature, they can demand the rest of the state pay for their chronic inability to plan for and manage growth.